Pluto Planet Links

  • The IAU draft definition of 'planet' and 'plutons'
  • Dave Jewitt:
    • Is Pluto a Planet?
    • On the IAU resolutions
  • Michael Brown
    • What's a planet?
    • IAU Astronomers Revolt
    • Michael Brown: Eight Planets
  • The Planetary Society: Topics: Pluto
    • Proposed Definition of "Planet" Shakes Up the Solar System
    • Bill Nye: Is Pluto a Planet?
    • Neil deGrasse Tyson: Pluto is NOT a Planet.
  • Is Pluto a Giant Comet?
  • Bad Astronomy: The moon could become a planet.
  • FizzixRat: Pluto is not a Planet

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Other Pluto Stuff

  • New Horizons Mission
  • NASA Solar System Exploration: Pluto
  • JPL PhotoJournal: Pluto
  • Pluto (Soon to be Eightplanets?)
  • Clyde Tombaugh: Discoverer of Pluto
  • Venetia Phair: The Girl Who Named a Planet
  • Brunching Shuttlecocks: A Brief Conversation with Pluto, Another Brief Conversation
  • Pluto on Wikipedia

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